Welcome Beautiful Goddess!

Thank you so much for booking a shoot with Ivory Rose!  I can't wait to meet and work with you....to see all that is beautiful in you and capture your inner TEMPTRESS!  I have set up this page to help you prepare for your shoot.  If you have any questions after reading through this info, please feel more then welcomed to ask... 

Preparing for Your Shoot


Whether you are putting together 5 options or just 1 here are a few ideas to keep in mind ;)

  • Start trying things on! :)  Even if it's things from your own closet....get excited about your body and wrapping it up in just the right way.  We all have our go-to shopping spots, whether it's the local thrift/consignment store for the ultimate in unique vintage goods or gorgeous boutiques & upscale department stores, and/or everything in between! 
  • When choosing pieces, make sure you choose what truly makes YOU feel beautiful, not what you think SHOULD look good on you or what some else tells you you must feel good in.  Wear things that respect your body and gently hold your curves (unless you're going for major cleavage ;)....one of the hardest things to fix in post is a snug underwear line. ;)   
  • Just in case you don't find just what you are looking for, everyone has access to the gorgeous Boudoir closet prior to starting their shoot.  After makeup and hair you have time to pose and dress in the boudoir on your own, AND go through all the lingerie lovelies, accessories and jewelry from my collection. 
  • Also, never underestimate the power you and your body have without any clothes on.  Nudes are eternally classic and require no thought at all in regards to wardrobe!
  • I am also an affiliate with the bottom 2 wonderful companies....


Rest, Water, Moisture, Love

  • Be kind to yourself and your body!  This is what will make you feel most beautiful. :)) 
  • If have the time, you can also invest any extra moments toward pampering yourself...long baths, luscious moisturizer and cooling gel packs on the eyes to reeeeallly relax.   Anything cool resting on the eyes helps a lot with any tired under eye darkness that we all experience.  Spa treatments are wonderful as well, but make sure not to do anything too harsh on your skin the week prior to your shoot.  Want to avoid unpredictable reactions!
  • If you are looking for an excellent contact for waxing (eyebrows, bikini, brazilian) Michelle Ranae is AMAZING.  Tell her I sent you!  Here is website: http://www.michelleranae.com/ .  Call or text her at 805.889.6414 .  Waxing is no way a requirement, au natural is just as stunning to me, but I offer this excellent contact should you be looking for someone incredible.
  • Drink beautifully filtered water to cleanse and purify your body.  It can be so hard to take the time to do but I always feel better and more beautiful when well hydrated.  SERIOUS rest doesn't hurt either. :)
  • Think, know, FEEL that you are beautiful...take time each day to focus on the parts of your body that you LOVE.  What are you appreciative about that you posses?  Write these things down and meditate on them.  If you are having trouble, talk it over with me or someone you trust.  Your body, YOU, are beautiful.  I will help you discover this, I promise!!


Pinterest Boards, Inspiring Blogs, Words of Wisdom

  • Start imaging how you want to look and feel during your shoot.  Would you like to feel soft and feminine, like an ethereal goddess or powerful and enigmatic, like a seductive siren...or BOTH?  Whatever your desire for the shoot, siren or goddess, diva or vixen, bohemian or naturalist (or all of these things!) start pinning those ideas on our shared board, or your own, and engaging your imagination.  Discover who you want to be in a sensual environment!
  • Nervous and wanting some will power?  Look to the net for inspirations regarding feeling good in your own skin, and dealing with self-acceptance and body positive empowerment.  Also look for words, posts and articles that discuss the importance and beauty of sex and the expression thereof.  Come to your shoot knowing full well that you are a healthy sensual being, with the honor and right to express that sensuality.  


Pandora Playlist, iPod/iPod Doc

  • Sometimes music can really help the jitters and bring out sides of us we didn't think existed!  However you want your shoot to feel, bring those emotions to the forefront with a powerful playlist....soft, sexy, flirty, romantic, wild, aggressive, natural...there are so many different types of music to help us embrace the many different sides of our sensuality.  Not a requirement, as silence can be just as beautiful, but an enticing option. ;)

What to Bring the Day Of

  1. Your gorgeous and rested-as-possible self!  Fresh faced with no makeup, if you are having me paint your lovely face ;).  As far as hair goes, arrive with it one day dirty and dry (If you are having me use curlers/curling iron, blow dry the night before and sleep in a non kinked twist/bun...if you want me to work with your natural tresses no need to blow dry, just sleep on slightly damp hair overnight).  Try not to wear a hair tie tight enough to leave kinks in your hair prior to the shoot.  A loose bun is best.
  2. Your outfits of choice, including shoes and accessories (ex. garters, thigh highs, black bra & panties, stilettos, long beads, cuffs, his favorite shirt, etc!)
  3. Your preferred music playlist to strut to!  This is not a requirement, of course. ;)
  4. Your favorite concealer and/or foundation...I have so many colors in my own kit, but I love for you to have your exact match, just in case!  If you don't own one, no problem!
  5. The remaining payment of your session fee.

Where to Go

Casa del Toro and the beautiful Boudoir are located at... 

715 El Toro Road, Ojai, California 93023


Can't wait to see you pull into the drive and begin your Boudoir journey!  Text/Call (805) 450-8928 when you arrive and I will come out to greet you...


See You Soon!


Before Your Reveal:

If you haven't already, please also have a look at the IRB product pricing page to prepare for your in-person, slideshow reveal.  Click the link below to view prices!