(Above Images photographed by Grant Gorman & Chantal Chartrand)

It's been awhile!!  And so much has transpired; In the world and for me personally.  It is the appropriate time for some major changes in my business as well, to better reflect who I am and what I wish to say with my work.

I am leaving Ivory Rose Boudoir behind and will no longer be shooting at Casa del Toro.  I am proud of what I've accomplished with IRB and of its images.  The fine art look and experience I wished to capture was a tremendous way to start my experience as a photographer.

My experience, of birth, renewal, reflection, infancy, three, and transformative, cathartic life emergence has brought forth a new set of values.  I have created a new brand and new site to reflect this.  I feel it is a representation of all the transformations I've surrendered to.  I am very excited to take you on this journey with me.

(Above Images photographed by Lauren Glass)

My new business, and frame of mind, is called Sacred Bliss Captures and is entirely photoshop free.  It is also studio free and each shoot will have its own unique location.

View my new site and first Sacred Bliss shoot here:


For those that lament this closing, i apologize.  I am so grateful for the support of those who treasure IRB and hope I can reignite your passion for my work with the moments I capture and share with Sacred Bliss.

With gratitude,


(Above Images photographed by Grant Gorman & Myself)

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