What was the peak moment of emotion from your IRB shoot?

I think my peak moment of emotion was when we finished and I realized that I was able to let go and not feel self conscious about how I looked, I just knew I looked hot.

Did you learn anything about yourself that you didn't know prior to your shoot?

I learned that its okay to let go and and feel sexy in my own skin, my husband always said I was, but I never felt like it was true.

Did your shoot help you to face or overcome any personal life challenges?  (Please feel welcome to share a piece of your story here if it feels appropriate to you...If you are not at a place where you'd like to share, that is okay too!)

I had booked this shoot several months in advance and was using that as a motivator to lose some weight, however 3 weeks before my shoot my mother passed away after a 10 year battle with ovarian cancer.  I thought about rescheduling, but realized that life is indeed short and that I need to take the time to do more things for me.  By going thru with this it was my first step forward in putting myself first so I can be a better wife and mother.

How did Erika make you feel?

Erika was awesome! she made me feel like I could do this and her constant comments and encouragement during the shoot helped me let go and really enjoy the process, I had never had my hair and makeup done before and it made me feel very special.

Who would you say would benefit from an IRB shoot?

I think anyone would benefit from a shoot, whether you are a new bride, a middle aged woman or just wanting to get out of your comfort zone.  This shoot will let you see yourself in a whole new light and really embrace yourself for who you are.

I'm so touched by your shoot experience and words, Renee...thank you so much for sharing with me. <3


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