Sharing my thoughts, ideas, visions, work and movements this past weekend with the group that came to visit me at Lisa July Lynch's Ojai Baby, was just a fantastically enriching experience.  I was so nervous waiting for everyone to arrive and I found myself relaxing with each familiar and new smiling face I saw come into the space.  Thank you for was such a pleasure.  One I hope to repeat! :)

I must say the highlight for me was watching Barbara's face change when I announced her name.  The shrieks of joy that commenced to joyous jumping up and down holding your friends, was more then I could have ever asked for in a response.  I am SO looking forward to working with you and bringing your inner Goddess just that much more to the surface. 

Until my next event, remember YOU are a goddess, and we are all so beautiful TOGETHER....and if you ever find your self arguing with a number in your head that keeps you from feeling sexy, know that number does not define or create your sexy, the FEELING of sensual joy pulsing through your soul does....EMBRACE and IGNITE it whenever you can.  And if you have trouble doing so, gimmie a call ;)