It's a difficult thing, embracing one's GODDESSHOOD...the totality of our being is such a challenging thing to access most of the time.  In my first speaking engagement, I hope to touch on the tip of the top of the iceberg of what body positivity and owning one's sexuality and sensuality can do for the spirit, for the heart and one's overall quality of life.  It's just the beginning of quite a beautiful thing I imagine...

The owner of Ojai Baby, the beautiful and immensely radiant, Lisa Julie Lynch, extended the invitation to me to and is proudly hosting this event at her gorgeous new location, 203 N. Signal Road in Ojai, California.  AND it's a happy hour toooooo....cheers to THAT. ;) 

Can't wait to see you there... 4-6pm on Saturday August 1st!!!  Get ready to see me pose and muse for a crowd in front of my gallery...come cheer me on loves, you won't regret it. ;)

One more thing.....if you need a hint more incentive, I will be giving away a free Opaline Siren package at the event to one of the attendees.  Enter to win and at the event and I'll announce the fabulous winner that very evening....very exciting stuff!!!

Stay so in love with the beautiful bounty that is you and hope to see you August 1st!!!