Some people have a way of pulling you in.  The sheer lightness of their being is a force you just can't fight or stray from.  Gorgeous Whitney is one of those lights and I was and have been in awe of her since we met for her session.  A rare, wildly beautiful, blooming ivory rose.  And here is her least a piece of it. ;)


What do you feel has been life's biggest challenge for you thus far?

My biggest life challenge so far as been trying to heal after the loss of my son.

What has helped you to tackle these challenges?

I would say....good friends, drinks, and falling in love with my now, wife.

Where does your sensuality and sexuality fit in to this picture?  Do you feel your comfort with these things has anything to do with your happiness and comfort with life?

I think sensuality and sexuality is something that comes last to my mind when you're trying to heal from such a great loss. But in reality, it helped me heal. I met my wife when I was 2 months post pardem. I was still figuring out my post baby body and she really taught me to be proud of it. My body was forever physical proof that I had a son. New relationships are usually very passionate, and with that passion I learned to love myself again.

Where does our confidence in self come from? Where does it originate and how have you helped it continue to blossom?

Confidence in self comes from within. Every day you need to tell yourself that you're freaking beautiful. That you are worthy of feeling pretty. That you are simply enough. I have continued to blossom by Taking the time out of my day to just focus on my inner beauty. To focus on my self talk, and to always stay positive about my body. I believe I'm beautiful, therefore I am beautiful. No one can make me feel any different. And having that confidence is really sexy.

What was the highlight of your IRB shoot?

The highlight of my shoot was forgetting that I was naked, and just letting go. Erika made me feel like the beautiful goddess I am, and losing myself in that moment of beautiful goddess bliss....has got to be the best feeling in the world.

What would you say to someone struggling with their sexuality and healthy expression thereof?

Get naked. Look at yourself. And say "I am Beautiful. I am worthy of love. I am fucking sexy. I am enough". Say that over and over and over again, and one day, you'll believe it.

What do you love most about your body?

I love my lips. I love how big and kissable they are. I also love my stretch marks, because they tell my story.

What are you most challenged by about your body?

By far, I am most challenged with my breasts. They are HUGE and out of control at times.

What does your lover enjoy most about your body and how you express yourself with it?

My wife enjoys my lower back the most out of my whole body! I will sometimes lay on my stomach and let her just run her fingers up and down the small of my back.

Why are you such an incredibly epic empowered goddess???

Because I FEEL like one. Whatever you think you are, you ARE.

Thank you for sharing your life and heart with us stunning Whitney...we are all better for it. <3  AND congrats on the new life to bless your home soon.  What a treasured beginning and beautifully fantastical challenge and dream awaits you.  I send you and your absolutely incredible wife and family so much love and prosperous joy!!!!!

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