I've always been sorta of ANTI "Before & After" galleries....I felt like they were trying to point out a lack of beauty in the "before" image....as if the "before" image meant, "before beautiful," and the "after" meant "after beautiful."  Just really troubled me.  The last thing I would ever want to do is create an atmosphere like that.  So, for the longest time I just refused to partake.

When V-day started approaching, I began to think of ways to treat my man, as we all do, and I, of course, ended up toying with the idea of a self portrait shoot.  That idea then joined forces with an idea I had been mulling around for a long time...to start a "Before & After" gallery, with myself.  So, I did it.  Two birds.  One stone.  And it changed my feelings about what "Before & After" really means.  It doesn't mean, "before beautiful," it means "before the shift," and it powerfully shows the incredible changes that take place during an IRB shoot.

I took these images 45 minutes apart from one another.  Even as I am looking now I can't believe it.  That's not the same person.  And it's not just the make-up and hair that does it.  I think au naturale boudoir images are stunning and photographed my own nude, no-makeup self portrait series this past December as an Xmas gift to the hubs and I felt just as effected by that shoot and those images ( side note: I hope to share those this year....have to gather up the courage ;).  What is REALLY so transformative about boudoir is the shift in ATTITUDE.  I just look like I want to take on the world in the images on the right.  Empowered.  Confident.  Feeling my BEST.

You hear it all the time about Boudoir Photography but rediscovering it every time is always amazing... It's something you say you do for someone else, but it really is a gift to self.  This little shoot changed my day, my week, MY MOUNTH, and who knows what else.  Just to take off the momma clothes, glam it up for a change and feel like the old me, or the NEW me with lipstick and lace on, was remarkable.  This gift of confidence and beauty to myself is one I hope to repeat quite often, as I know the trickle down effect for my family is powerful.  A rejuvenated and confident momma and wifey makes EVERYTHING better for EVERYONE else....and this attitude of "I AM SEXY AND BEAUTIFUL AND WORTH IT," sure did effect this Valentine's Day for the better.  As it does every day I ever spend on this beautiful earth.

To my husband that loves both sides of these images just the same and makes me feel like a true goddess, I love you my darling with all my ever beating heart.  Happy Valentines Day One & Only <3