Casa de Pajaros & Erika Gorman of Ivory Rose Boudoir // Ari Vox Photography play host to this years Association of International Boudoir Photographers Retreat.  Full Casa de Pajaros image gallery and venue booking info available at

Very VERY excited to announce that I, and the gorgeous Casa de Pajaros!!, will be playing proud host to this years retreat for the Association of International Boudoir Photographers!!!!!  i "popped the question," so to speak, in a forum discussion and it was immediate FIREWORKS.

Couldn't be more pleased to be sharing this space with my colleagues this coming November, in a celebration of all things boudoir and beautiful....educational and recharging.  Already blown away by their marketing approach for the event.  EXCITE + LIGHT + IGNITE, indeed...

Amazing, right!?!?!?! 

I've found that the people/photographers of AIBP are some of the finest I've come to know.  The uniting factor of being comfortable with sexuality and being proud to promote and empower the beauty of it in others is just incredible.  Dear friends, exceptional individuals....and they'll be in my own backyard so very soon!!!

I'm not the only one juiced about this... even the Huffington Post thinks this is something to sing about...

Really cool to see my name and work mentioned and images I took in the Huffington Post!!  Okay, so it's not my boudoir work, YET! ;), but I'll take it!  I love my parents' breathtaking home and capturing them was a sincere joy.  Check out more images and the full article HERE.

If you are a fellow boudie, head to the AIBP website HERE to register for this truly amazing event.  They have some of the best in the industry as educators and an INCREDIBLE schedule of events planned, including boudoir shoots for the photographers themselves and an underwater photography training session.  I'm so stoked to be a part of this...

A BIG thank you to my parent's for allowing me to play host with their home.  It's such a pleasure and gift to work from Casa de Pajaros. XO