I've been eagerly anticipating a new arrival...as I type I am 41 weeks pregnant.  Any day now I will be a momma of 2.  This has been quite the metamorphosis pregnancy for me.  So many changes and the biggest one yet to come.  Exhilarating and frightening, yes?

While I wait for baby I've decided to distract my all to busy and methodical mind with a blog post.  I've been yearning to discuss body image with you all again as it's a topic that I think of ALL THE TIME...especially since I've been pregnant.  I find myself more and more drawn to people and imagery that defy typical notions of mainstream beauty.  It just seems like there's so much more to be included in the scope of "beautiful"...

To celebrate this idea, I wanted to share some of my favorite imagery with you in hopes that it inspires you as it has inspired me!

Can't wait to share her story...just amazing.

This momma just glows...I was amazed by their connection.

Audrey is such an artist with her body.

These elegant nudes just really took my mind back to another time...her grace magnified.

I'm looking to share all of these shoots in more complete blog posts, but just wanted to share a couple teasers to start.

Please remember that more then anything that makes you beautiful, it's the look from your eyes and confidence that resonates from them.  We all have reasons to feel unattractive...we all have reasons to feel beautiful.  Make the choice to believe in the beauty of your body and your sensuality will ignite in ways you never imagined.

The next time I post, I will share some new pics of me and baby and family...my life is about to change forever.  Amazing...

Lots of love!