Another MAGIC woman to share with you today.  Siobhan is so filled with positivity and love...when you are around her you just feel happy.   And she happens to be gorgeous and super sexy too...and an amazing mother.  She is just a light.

When she agreed to share her images and an interview I was just floored.  I have learned so much from just being around her and am so proud and honored to share these images of her ignited goddess, and the powerful words that accompany them.

Without further ado, Siobhan's story...more or less. ;)

You have such a bright and uplifting presence.  How are you able to maintain such a positive outlook and inspiring frame of mind?

I draw a lot of strength from my family. They are my whole world and help me stay strong through challenging days. Plus I can't help but feel blessed and so lucky for the life I have, even on the worst day I could never be ungrateful because I have a beautiful and healthy family, our strong home, my stable job, and just so much to be thankful for.

 Does this outlook effect how you see yourself?  Do you feel your frame of mind has had an effect on your confidence level and your sensuality?

It helps me forget the years of young woman insecurity. Although it definitely creeps in there from time to time, it always inspires me to work harder and constantly reinvent myself.
The two definitely go hand in hand; I think sensuality is in every person but insecurities can mask it. As I've grown and found new ways to enjoy life has definitely improves my confidence not just as a person but as a woman.

 Have there ever been times in your life when you did not have as positive of an outlook?  Would you say you saw a difference in your confidence level and sensuality as a result?

Oh definitely! My late teens, early twenties we're spent wallowing in lots of self-doubt. I craved validation from others because I didn't have it for myself so I tried to be more shocking or provocative externally not realizing that it was something inside. But it was a learning experience and it definitely help me to discover the acceptance in myself to be a confident and sensual woman.

During the most difficult times in your life what did you do to regain confidence and stability?  What was the kicker that turned things around?

I just found a focus and set a goal. After having years of self doubt and disappointment in my physical appearance I found a way to focus on improving it and in doing that I actually found the tools to see myself for more than what I am on the outside. A few years back I miscarried and that was the ultimate world shattering experience for me, I withdrew for several months and just didn't cope with that. Then I joined a fitness boot camp, I learned tools to not only be healthier but to stay committed to the lifestyle change I was needing and wanting. I learned it's ok to fall down because you can get right back up and most importantly not to apologize for it.

 Although you seem to be in such a positive place now, we all have bad days.  When you feel down on yourself now, what do you tell yourself, how do you shake it off?

Honestly I look at my son and/my husband and I remember the journey I've taken to get here and remind myself that this moment might difficult but I can get up from it. And it's it really intense I take a walk, breath in deeply and just be humbled by how small my worries are in comparison to so many others.

You've mentioned your Boudoir shoot was a great experience for you.  In what ways did it impact your self image?  Why do you think it had the effect it did?

It visually gave me an opportunity to see myself the way I've always wanted to be seen. I grew up admiring Bettie Page, I really wanted to be like her in that she seemed completely free and secure in her body and who she was. I think the shoot gave me the opportunity to channel that inner pinup that was comfortable and mysterious and fearless and just exuding that strong woman vibe ... while sitting in pretty undies :-)

What words of advice would you like to share with women struggling with body image issues?  Do you think it is possible that anyone can change the way they see themselves?

I would say to look at yourself naked or in your favorite undies or in your favorite dress ... But definitely look at yourself. Our bodies change daily and so take joy in the perfect flaws that make our bodies our own. Each curve and texture has a story of our journey and it's a beautiful story. I look in awe of this body that created my son, and that still stops my husband in mid thought to enjoy and I am proud. I think it's a choice that every woman can make to see themselves who being them. In this day and age it's seems too easy in that you don't like something about yourself, change it, fix it, get rid of it, and I think there should be more encouragement to enjoy it, flaunt it, and embrace it for it being part of you.

Thanks so much for delving deep for us... Now just a few more questions, on the lighter side of this juicy topic.

Ooo la la...

When do you feel the sexiest?  When does your lover find you the sexiest (you can guess or ask)?

There was a time, to feel sexy, I would need to get my hair done, my nails done, all dressed and dolled up, but these days I feel it early in the morning when I have no makeup, messy morning hair, pjs. I just feel like me without a mask or guise to hide behind and as for my husband he always seems to love me that way. Or just anytime I'm wandering around in the nude haha.

What is one of your favorite things about sex?  How can an incredibly positive and bliss filled sexual experience effect the way you see life?

Well I love the focus and the connection, the warmth and lack of inhibitions. I don't have to pretend just let go. From that I am just a happier person, plain and simple. That and it's just fun to do!! haha
Hmm a positive and bliss filled experience I think just creates a balance to combat the everyday. I read that Celtic warriors often had massive orgies right before a battle and I think that was because they needed this amazing experience to empower them for the battle, in a more humble way I think a great sexual experience does the same for modern day people. It enables them to approach the everyday "battle" of a busy schedule, hectic work, juggling time with family and friends.

Siobhan, you're such an amazing woman, an inspiring soul and a beautiful Bettie to boot.  So honored to have been a part of your shoot and this glimpse in to your world.  Thank you!!

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