Ivory Rose Boudoir - Bridal Couples - Vintage Artsistic

You'd never guess these two are not a REAL couple.  My oh my did sparks ever fly that day... I was very inspired by their connection and realness throughout the experience.  They helped me to capture a vision for what the best couples' shoots are about: a powerful captured tension overflowing with attraction, love and intimacy. 

Enjoy looking over these images...the first kisses and natural heat between them was amazing.

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Thank you's to Audrey & Chris for wearing the "couple's" hat so amazingly for the day, and to the owner of this gorgeous home who allowed so graciously into his home for this shoot.  Florals and styling by me. :)

Are you a bride or groom to be, or an inspired boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, curious about what a shoot like this involves?  Watch the video below...I'd love to answer your questions!!

Final note: proud to have one of the images from this gallery selected as an AIBP Daily Choice Image.  Thank you AIBP!

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